The best of…

ADLT 642 Design Challenges in eLearning for Adults: Regional Leadership Program Manager Certification (online program for Virginia Adult Learning Resource Center)

ADLT 641 Exploration of Digital Media for Adult Learning: My exploration of Jaron Lanier’s You are not a gadget

ADLT 640 Theory and Practice of eLearning Integration into Adult Learning Environments: CoI Model for Online Teachers

ADLT 650 Adult Literacy & Diversity: A Social-Contextual Study of the Impact Brief

ADLT 606 Design and Delivery of Adult Learning Programs: SEVA GRREAT Volunteer Training Program

ADLT 688 Lifespan Issues for Adults with Learning and Behavioral Disabilities

ADLT 612 Learning in Groups and Teams

ADLT 601 Adult Learning and Development: Understanding the Social Context of Women’s Literacy Programs

EDUS 660 Research Methods in Education: Using Acceptability as a Measure for Evaluating Online Education

[ADLT 603]


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