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Getting To Know My Inner Child

By Richmond standards, we had a long winter, but spring has finally sprung!  This past weekend was the prettiest weather we’ve had in over six months.  I spent three hours in a study room in the library on Saturday afternoon working on the “40% Project” with my partner, and I spent a total of 6 hours on Sunday driving to and from Hampton for a long (but productive) committee meeting for the Golden Retriever rescue group, and the rest of the weekend I spent outside with my dogs.  It was glorious!  And much needed.

Every morning I read from Awakening: A Daily Guide to Conscious Living. Lately, the readings have focused on getting in touch with your inner child and finding a balance between seriousness and fun.  This past weekend, I found that balance, and it was amazing how good I felt by Sunday night, even though I hadn’t once checked email for work, hadn’t written a blog post, hadn’t watched the videos I had said I would for our project.  But I’d taken care of my inner child who needed to play and feel the joy of the warmth of an early spring day.

But most of us, as we’ve grown into adulthood, have disowned our playful child. Without it, life feels dull and drab. We need to reconnect with our natural, playful inner child who adds sparkle to our lives.

“Work hard, play hard.” a friend said to me recently, and I realized I need to work more on that second part.  These past few years have been filled with a lot of hard work, and I’ve purposefully pushed play aside to stay focused, thinking that is what I needed to do to get where I want to be, doing what I want to do.

Sometime our inner child will actually sabotage our attempts to be successful or to do the things we think we should do, because secretly the child knows that its needs will not be met by what we are striving for. The child may stop you from being professionally successful until you start to give it more nurturing, more love, more time to play, or whatever it needs.

Okay, kid, you’ve got my attention.  Let’s keep this balancing act going and see where it leads us.


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