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A Connectivism Story

“Connectivism presents a model of learning that acknowledges the tectonic shifts in society where learning is no longer an internal, individualistic activity.”  ~ George Siemens

This week I had one of those connectivism a-ha! moments.  It started when I gained a new follower on Twitter.  When I checked out his profile to see if I wanted to follow him back, I found a recent post that read “How people are using e-learning and crowdlearning to change education” with a link to the article of the same name.  The article touched on many of the topics we’ve discussed in class including MOOCs and wiki-based collaboration, and it contained a link to a site called Learnist, which was described as “Wikipedia blended with Pinterest and Storify with more stimulating and constructive subjects.”  Intriguing, yes?  Yes!  So, I clicked on it.

Blah, blah, blah… fast forward to this week’s assignment to create a screencast and post it to our blog.  What better way to introduce you to Learnist than to show you!

So this brings me to yesterday when one of my classmates retweeted a blog post about connectivism (with which, if you’ve been following my blog, you know I am enamored). The blogger summarizes some of the main tenants of Siemen’s theory, writing “connectivism argues that digital media have caused knowledge to be more distributed than ever, and it is now more important for students to know where to find knowledge they require, than it is for them to internalise it.”  That’s when I had the a-ha! moment.  Learnist seems to be a wonderful example of that distributed knowledge, and one that I stumbled upon through a new, weak tie in my network. How seemingly random that that individual saw something in my profile that caused him to follow me, and how serendipitous that upon exploring his profile I found that particular post.  (And yes, I am now following him, too.)

What connections have you made in your PLN that have led you to cool, new discoveries?


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