30 Day Challenge

06 Jul

Imagine the sound of dust being blown off a favorite old book. That’s what I’m imagining as I write my first blog post in over three years. I meant to keep up my blogging ritual after I graduated from my Masters program. I thought about it a lot. I even went back and re-read various posts. But I never wrote a new one. Until today. And I have a weak connection in my PLN to thank for it… someone I met a few years back whom I haven’t seen or talked to since, but with whom I am connected on LinkedIn. She posted a short Ted Talk called Try something new for 30 days.

A few days ago, I turned over my calendars at home and at work. Goodbye June and the beautiful lotus flower on the calendar my sister made of her stunning photographs. Hello to the adorable Green Heron who adorns July. Goodbye Goldens romping on the beach on my rescued Goldens calendar, and hello to a friend’s sweet senior Golden sporting a patriotic hat for July.

July… really?

2017 is half over already? How did that happen?

It was that sentiment of time flying by that resonated with me in the TED Talk. Matt Cutts says that one of the things he’s learned doing these 30-day challenges is that “instead of the months flying by, forgotten, the time was much more memorable.” So when he posed the question, “What are you waiting for?”, I decided to answer the challenge and commit to blogging every day for 30 days. I am certain that not every day’s post will be insightful or even interesting, but there will be a post. And I will get back into a regular habit of blogging. Maybe after 30 days I’ll modify my goal to blogging once a week or at least several times a month, but as Lao Tzu said…

Quote Journey Of A Thousand Miles Lao Tzu Quotes On Journey Quotesgram

Day 1… check!

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One response to “30 Day Challenge

  1. Gail G. Even

    July 6, 2017 at 8:55 pm

    Hope this journey offers interesting twists and turns.


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