I tried on a different pair of shoes, but I didn’t like the way they fit.

16 Nov

My participation in last week’s in-class activity didn’t feel like a success to me.  I enjoyed viewing my classmates’ vignettes and trying to determine which epistemological stances they were representing, but when it came time for our skit, I think we missed it.  In our minds, we had it down.  We purposely mixed up the roles to challenge ourselves, but I think we — or at least I — stepped too far out of my comfort zone.  When the initial exchange didn’t have the desired effect and we had to keep it going with improvisation, I fell out of character almost immediately and was unsure how to respond to my partner.

I’m wondering now what I can learn from that mishap in terms of the practice of teaching.  Both this class and 603 (Adult Learning Strategies) stress the importance of being aware that students have different learning styles and suggest that a blended approach to teaching is desirable.  Is it that I’m holding on too tightly to my own preferred learning styles?  Or is it that I don’t fully understand yet the concepts and theories that underlie alternative styles?  I normally think of myself as someone who can react on the fly and think on my feet, but that didn’t happen in class last week.

Practice makes perfect, so as long as I know I’ll have a few more flops ahead of me, I’ll keep striving toward better understanding my non-dominant strategies.

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Posted by on November 16, 2010 in ADLT 601


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