This Class Is Our Class

08 May

(Credit to Woody Guthrie for the inspiration for this take on his American classic.  This Land Is My Land – instrumental)

This class is your class, this class is my class
From the time you walk in to the closing bell;
From the first assignment to the final paper
This class was made for you and me.

Woody Guthrie’s song was immediately rolling around in my head when I read the quote in Weimer’s (2002) book, “’This is not my class; it is not your class; this is our class, and together we are responsible for what does and doesn’t happen here’” (p. 101).

I’ve often heard teachers say “this is YOUR” class, but never “OUR” class.  That’s an interesting idea to ponder as I walk this thin line between being a student and wanting to become a teacher.  I like the idea of “our” class because it implies that as a teacher, I’ll learn something, too.  Maybe I’ll try to work that into my course objectives so that not only do the students know what they will learn, but they’ll understand what I hope to learn from them and from teaching them, too. 

 Nobody living can ever stop me,
As I go walking that information highway;
Nobody living can ever make me stop learning
This class was made for you and me.


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