“I Get My Kicks on Route 66”

27 Apr

The second week of group presentations did not disappoint!  Both the Hands-On Active Learning and the Effective Learning in Groups strategies were well-presented.  While I may still be hesitant to perform the Heimlich maneuver on a complete stranger, I hope that I have some confidence to help if I ever find myself in that situation.  And I thought the choice of the exercise by the Learning in Groups team – where we had to defend our opinions and yet come to a consensus – was a very creative and engaging activity.  A glimpse of things to come for me when I get to ADLT 612 – Learning in Groups & Teams.

But the question of the night was what the heck is the Phillips 66 active learning strategy?

I had to look it up.

Phillips 66 is a strategy where 6 people have 6 minutes to discuss a topic or perform a task.  A brief Google search indicated that this strategy is used more in business settings than academic learning environments, although I didn’t see much about why.  It sounds like a method for quick brainstorming on an issue at work, but I can see it being helpful in an academic environment to break up a lecture and to let the students interact with and reflect on the topic. 

Supposedly the name comes from a combination of the last name (Phillips) of a professor who coined the phrase and the brand of gas, but it seems to me a better name would be the Route 66 learning strategy.  After all, the discussion could be the start of a journey – a learning adventure – that might take you to some interesting places!

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