02 Feb

I had the chance to talk with Kendra Hemmingson (Sr. T&D Coord. with VA ABC Board) last week and mentioned to her how much I’m enjoying the Learner-Centered Teaching book.  I have to admit I was surprised by the obvious sign of recognition on her face.  I guess I was thinking the learner-centered approach was more academic in nature, but how nice to have validation that  it’s being used (or at least some are striving to apply it) in the “real world.”   That’s giving me a new framework to think about as I’m reading more in the book.  The examples in the book illustrate how the ideas can be applied in a classroom (usually college) environment, but I’m trying to think through how they might be applied in a corporate training environment.  A bit of a stretch since I’m not yet in that field, but I’m trying to relate to my own training experiences, both when I was the learner and the “teacher”.

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Posted by on February 2, 2010 in ADLT 603


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